Monday, July 4, 2011

If you could list five attributes of a "Good Lawyer," what would they be?

Being a good lawyer is so much different from being a good student. In college and in  law school you were able to get a good idea of whether or not you were a good student by the grade you got in the class. In criminal law it's different. If you are a prosecutor, you are a bad lawyer if you are not winning. But what is the gauge for a criminal defense attorney? Is it how many clients get the blessed "Not Guilty" verdict? I guess that's good... But what if the case doesn't go to trial? Over 95% don't...  Then how do you know if you're a good lawyer? Is it whether you get your client probation instead of custody time? Or custody time instead of probation? Or is the test whether your client is happy? Well, most of my clients are just happy because they are not going to prison. To them, I'm the best lawyer in the world! Is it whether your "supervisor" says your doing a good job? How would you describe a good criminal defense lawyer? Please list five requirements of a good criminal defense lawyer below. Thanks.

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