Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony/Good Day

     Today was fantastic. My first day of real "private practice." I had two appointments scheduled for today and OMIGOD, can you believed it?! They actually showed up! On TIME! I just couldn't believe it. I'm still not over it! Before I knew it, it was 2:15pm. Time for the Casey Anthony verdict. Some recent events that have experienced in the courtroom have left me admittedly a little, umm... "jaded?" with our criminal justice system. But what I saw happen in the Orange County courtroom today reassured me that my seven years of schooling and all of my full on battles with the State of Florida were not in vain. For those of you who don't already know, the jury came back NOT GUILTY and rightfully so, there was not shred of evidence that lead to intentional act by Casey Anthony other than lying to police. This was a wonderful moment for me and for defense attorneys throughout the state and country. I cannot even begin to imagine how Jose Baez, Cheney Mason, and the defense team must be feeling this evening... I sure that to describe their feelings as sheer bliss would not do them justice. The look on Casey Anthony's face and the clerk published the verdict to the Court was PRICELESS. I must have watched it at least ten times in a row. It literally brought tears to my eyes. The verdict reassured me that when it all comes down to it, a jury can be trusted to put their personal feelings and biases that they may or may not have toward my client or myself aside and hold the State of Florida to its burden. The State of FLORIDA's burden. Not my burden. The Government has unlimited and overwhelming resources. Sometimes they can seem like a machine that cannot be broken in the trial court. Trial court meaning before the case gets to a jury (motion practice, etc...) Today has proven that while our Court system may be flawed, it can still be trusted. A good day for The Law Office of Alyscha Johnson. http://www.lawofficeaj.com/.
A good day for Alyscha Johnson. :-)

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